21 July 2005

The Old Man and the Tree

I am standing in a park a few miles from Tofino, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island's Pacific coast. Katie and I went to this stunningly beautiful part of the world to celebrate my 60th birthday, and I can't deny that I was feeling the weight of six decades. But the great tree I'm leaning against reminds me that there are creatures on the earth far older than I am or ever will be.


J. Kingston Pierce said...

As that photo shows, there are also creatures on the earth with more bark than your bite. :)

Paul Farol said...

Hey Charles!

Nice blog you have here, pretty thought provoking...

Recently on Discovery Channel's animal X, there was a similar story about a lion spirit in Africa that led a band of rebels to victory. Wonder if you've heard about it?

I'm a writer too, but most of what I write doesn't have my name on it (I am a ghost writer for a number of politicians here in the Philippines).

I am wondering what it'll take to become a writer in the US or Canada.

James Marcus said...

Remember what Shakespeare said, Charles: "Ripeness is all." At least I think it was Shakespeare, in King Lear, unless I'm mixing that up with Porky's Revenge. It's true in any case.